I would like to present the video course “Formula of Love”.

Video lectures of this course will allow you to:

– to become an expert in the field of knowledge and understanding in perfection of all true causes and factors, including secret ones, directly determining the quality and dynamics of relations;

– get and put into practice the most effective and proven methods that will significantly improve your relationship with your current partner and revive faded feelings;

– in the absence of a partner, you will be able to find a new suitable half and build strong and happy relationships with her for the rest of your life, completely preserving her free will, as well as harmony in the Universe.

The video course also includes the strongest meditations that will allow you to:

– to identify and completely eliminate all the hidden causes of disharmony in the love sector of your life;

– make a powerful foundation for mutual love and wonderful relationships;

– to use all your untapped potential in order to get personal experience of true love, all-round support, care and complete mutual understanding.




1. Compass of love

2. Where does love disappear to? Key reasons destroying the union

3. The chapter on the most insidious secret reason for the fiasco in relationships + the method of solving it!

4. Truths about relationship karma

5. Super-effective technique for minimizing conflicts and maximizing consensus

6. Formula of love. Earthly methods for establishing perfect relationships

7. Keys of finding happiness in love through the subtle plan


1. Meditation to remove obstacles to true love

2. Meditation “Well-being of Half”

3. Cupid Meditation

4. Love Matrix Reconstruction Meditation

5. Meditation “Transformation of Love”

6. Meditation with the strongest affirmations to attract love

Order the video course "Formula of Love" right now, and very soon you will be able to fill your personal life with love, prosperity, mutual understanding, harmony and happiness.


Questions and answers

We accept payments of any currency, from all countries and from any bank that supports Visa or Mastercard. When paying for a video course, the payment is automatically converted into Ukrainian hryvnia.

You can download the video course from your personal account on this website. The video course will become available automatically after the funds are credited to our account (as a rule, on the day of the payment).


After purchasing a video course, you get access to its materials in 2 graphic resolutions for your convenience: 1) 1920X1080 (high quality, suitable for PCs and tablets), 2) 1024X540 (small files, due to what you can download them faster, this resolution is suitable for smartphones). The format of all videos included in the video courses is MP4.

There are 2 possible reasons:

1) you launched a downloaded video in a resolution of 1024X540 from a computer or tablet, intended for viewing on a mobile (and for quick download). Try to download video in 1920×1080 resolution;

2) update the codecs installed on your computer (or use another player, if you are play the video course on your gadget).

Typical meditations are publicly available on my YouTube channel «Healing of the Soul».

The recommended amount of particular meditation sessions is voiced directly in the video practice itself, namely, at the very beginning or in the final part of this practice.


The duration of the video lectures included in the video courses is individual and can vary, as a rule, in the range from 4 to 30 minutes.


No. You can listen to meditations in any static position convenient for you. Preferably horizontal.

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