The essence of karma. How it appears. Ways of karma elimination

Greetings. Dmitry Melnik is with you. This is a remake of the very first video lecture on this channel, dedicated to the disclosure of the essence of karma, its mechanisms, principles and subtleties, with illustrative examples, as well as the features and nuances of its elaboration.

Everything that we send into the Universe comes back to us – both good and bad. And this applies not only to actions, words, but also thoughts with emotions. And this means that every second we are in active energy exchange with the Universe. This is how a network cable or a Wi-Fi signal transmits zeros and ones, so we continuously generate black and white, which comes back to us after an impressive number of years, and most often in the next life. Thus, karma is all our actions, words, thoughts and emotions, as well as all the energies associated with them, generated by us on the subtle plane, which we have already committed or allowed, but which have not yet returned to us in the form of certain mirrored circumstances in the corresponding equivalent.

The principles of karma have existed in our Universe for an incredibly long time, and the fact that this concept is mentioned in Buddhism does not at all mean that karma is a concept invented by this religion. It’s just that this religion, albeit not ideal, but in the most correct measure was able to interpret the essence of this mechanism by which the karmic flywheel works in this Universe. In Christianity, they also tried to reflect the essence of the karmic mechanism, calling it the concept of sin, but the so-called sin provides only punishment for misdeeds, while in religion, reward for good deeds and thoughts is completely missed, despite the fact that it has always been, is and will be. In addition, the scriptures of this religion, rewritten many times, deny the existence of past lives, mistakenly assuming that the human soul immediately after its creation by God lives only one life and then eternally goes either to Paradise or to some Hell. But this, of course, is not the case, which is far from the first century confirmed by the experience of countless regressive immersions of millions of people thanks to the meditations of various regressologists and esotericists, including on my channel. People saw a series of tens and hundreds of their past incarnations, and not only on Earth, but also on other planets, traced event relationships, including the transfer of character, inclinations and unfulfilled desires, as well as various kinds of problems, from previous incarnations into the current one.

For a more complete understanding of how good or bad karma arises, consider the very algorithm for its appearance.

Let’s start with the fact that a person has daily energy => what our thoughts and emotions are directed to, where it is spent => if a person thinks about something bad, then this set of thoughts is accompanied by a negative spectrum of emotions, and the person transforms a portion of his energy into a dark, low-vibration one, just which the aggregate of these negative thoughts is charged. Moreover, if a person systematically admits identical negative thoughts, for example, to the government, then these thoughts can be layered and grouped into blocks of negative in one of the chakras of a person, causing disturbances in the work of his subtle bodies, and some of these thoughts are sent to the energy sector to the government and its subjects, a kind of attacking their energetics, and even a certain portion of these thought forms can remain in the space of the Universe, these thought forms that work as functions, depending on the program laid down in them by a person, tend to materialize in the case of their quantitative growth as energy is fed during repeated thoughts of a person in the same direction, worsening the future of a person => An important feature is the qualitative aspect and the level of fullness of the thought form. The brighter the emotion, the more energy of the corresponding spectrum is developed for this thought-form, and the earlier and more pronounced the final result of materialization will be manifested.

Moreover, if negative thoughts and emotions are aimed not at a group of people on the example of the government, but at one person, then in the case of their strong emotional charge by the sender, this can break through the addressee’s biofield and penetrate into the subtle structures with all that it implies, which is called the evil eye, but in the most extreme cases, especially when the sender has a strong energy, such a thought-form can become a very powerful and rather tenacious program, which is often capable of influencing the addressee by far more than one incarnation, being in the space of the Universe.

At the same time, positive thoughts and wishes also materialize, improving the future, and therefore optimists, in this way, literally attract good luck and prosperity.

And if we talk about the formats for the return of the karmic boomerang of negative karma, then some well-known esotericists compiled a kind of encyclopedia of karmic reasons for all popular categories of troubles. But I, in turn, did not begin to compile my own version of such an encyclopedia and I think this is not a particularly successful idea, and here is why.

The laws of karma are unified, but as for the principles that determine the format in which a person will work out certain karmic debts, they can be both similar and typical, and often turn out to be purely individual.

Yes, if a person has robbed someone, then undoubtedly in the current or in the next life he will also lose the same equivalent of material values, but in one case he may also be robbed, in the second his car may get into an accident, the degree of damage of which may directly depend from the karmic debt of appropriating other people’s values, in the third he may find himself in a situation where he will have to work hard and work late for a penny, or simply be born in his next life in Zimbabwe, where for the same 8 hours of work he will receive several times less fee. Take allergies, which have many varieties. Chronic continuous nasal congestion can cause childhood grievances, to which the subconscious mind has decided to react with internal crying, initiating this disease, in its own way duplicating his behavior in such a manifestation so that the person will correct himself. Even if a person learns about such a root cause, then without the help of effective esoteric practices, the likelihood for a person to get rid of resentment not only consciously, but also on a subconscious level, in practice is very low. For the same reason, confession in the church is ineffective for the sins committed in the current life, and the working out of the sins of past incarnations is not provided there at all. Another example, if a touchy person, who is inclined to cycle through a negative situation and mentally condemn and hate his offenders in his mind, is subjected to even more persecution after a few years, then this is nothing more than a karmic return of thought forms that he addressed to people, and sometimes from the same, and sometimes from completely different, but similar in appearance and habits. Those. the energy equivalent of a return can be identical, and the consequences on the physical plane – much more severe, also worsening a person’s reputation in public. Further, I knew a person who suffered from a complex allergy due to the fact that even in his student years he took away a person he liked who was already in a relationship with another student, and, it would seem, the main character, in theory, could mirror her future half, but no, they gave me a severe form of allergy.

In other words, there are a lot of variations of various formats in which the karmic boomerang of an identical offense can manifest itself, and working through to 100% of the level of progress requires extremely effective working tools.

We must not forget about idealization, on the energetics these are the same energy thought forms, but at the level of the mind these are the reasons we deliberately invented for the subsequent emergence of these thought forms. An anchor or a hook is a resentment reaction due to the gap between our expectations and actual reality. The higher the bar of expectations and requirements for yourself, your appearance, your achievements or your spouse, the higher the disappointment, or, on the contrary, the indignation due to the inconsistency with your ideals. Bindings, clues and ideals can be imposed on us by parents, society, and more often by ourselves. It is not for nothing that the paradigm of the same Buddhism includes the key postulate “Desire = suffering”, calling to fight with one’s passions. You know, I personally agree with this statement, the only thing is that there are desires that we are able to satisfy in the short term, and the path that we come to them, on the contrary, can give us a lot of joy and pleasure just from the anticipation of joy when the goal will be achieved, a completely different matter when it comes to unrealizable desires, where a person overestimates the requirements for others in the form of selfishness or overestimates his own strengths, abilities, time and financial resources at his disposal, deliberately creating illusions for himself. It is necessary to get rid of such desires or lower the bar of requirements, otherwise, in addition to stress and depression, which negatively affect health, mood and confidence, negative thought forms will form an even darker future. Idealization is problems that we create for ourselves from scratch, and it is much easier to get rid of them, as well as to prevent them, in contrast to the same deep-rooted negative self-attitudes.

In addition, I note that while a person is working through one karma, he simultaneously has a new one as new negative actions and thoughts, and this resembles a vegetable garden, where you constantly have to find and pull out new weeds, the seeds of which periodically fall into the soil. But the whole point is that a person does not need absolutely any effort not to pay tax, ignore the request of his loved one or friend, show this or that manipulation, express to the interlocutor everything that you think about him, make someone a nuisance in revenge tit-for-tat, knock on a competitor colleague, removing an obstacle to career growth, gloat in front of someone, and so on. Moreover, such actions often give many great inner satisfaction, while we do them when consciously, and when almost instinctively and reflexively, which in addition is enhanced by the manifestation of the ego or imitation of society, which always does something like this.

If we commit negative actions and sayings, as well as allow negatively charged thoughts and emotions, it is easier for us, then working off the karma of all the consequences of our actions and thoughts, the scale of which we are not even close to realizing, brings us a lot of troubles and suffering, just like blocks in chakras, fields and channels, as well as negative self-attitudes that we create for ourselves, pouring them, like concrete, into the framework of negative thinking. Moreover, many do not see and do not realize the reasons for the troubles in their own actions, but they prefer to blame the whole world for their troubles.

Many people have lived on Earth for dozens or even hundreds of incarnations, and still have not left the so-called wheel of Samsara, i.e. reincarnation circle. At the same time, as the soul matures, it accumulates experience and awareness with each incarnation, the likelihood increases that a person will be able to work through karma completely, and then his soul will be able to leave the Earth plane and move on to the next stage of development.

At the same time, some people from above, by fate or through the prayers of these people, are sent certain acquaintances that give new opportunities in the field of working out karma, or from above they throw up such methods of working out, for example, some methods can randomly turn up for a person on the Internet, hitting into the area of ​​his attention. Moreover, the one who is now listening to this lecture is one of them, do you think this is an accident? Not at all.

In this lecture, the essence of individual karma was revealed mainly, and in the old version of this lecture, as in some others, I distinguished such concepts as karmic knots formed between people in past incarnations and stretching unraveled at the current moment for joint study, as well as ancestral karma.

Meditations for working out individual karma and karmic knots are presented on my channel in the playlist for working out karma. At the same time, both in the practices themselves and in the lectures on karma, I emphasized that all individual karma will not be written off to us only by the awareness of the karmic root causes of our past misdeeds, negative thoughts and emotions, some will write off, some will partially soften, and some especially large debts will have to be worked out. For example, if one person died through the fault of another, then it is not enough to repent on a conscious and subconscious level, having learned the lesson that you cannot kill, you will also have to redeem your lesson by becoming a victim of this person in the next life, or, for example, in the case of mass murders, working in the next life as a rescuer or a healer, compensating for the previously inflicted damage, as in the case of large-scale financial frauds that allowed to misappropriate a million conventional units by criminal means, it is not enough just to confess and promise not to do this, and then continue to spend the loot. This number will not work. Be that as it may, working through karma within the framework of mediation developed by me will significantly reduce and soften karmic baggage and significantly improve the long-term future, reducing the number of future troubles in it. And studying other lectures on my channel, which are devoted to karmic issues, will expand awareness and reduce the number of new negative actions and thoughts, as well as increase the array of positive and constructive actions and emotions, which will increase the level of grace and well-being in the future.

As for ancestral karma, it no less pronouncedly affects the current life of a person in a good or negative way, but more often in a negative way, as a result of which many people live the fate of their ancestors, living not their own lives, becoming a hostage of the situation, thus working out, ancestral karma. This topic is quite extensive, and I fully disclosed it in the video course “Revival of the force of the clan”, which also contains the strongest meditations on working through all clan karma – both my own and other members of the clan tree, on activating the force of the clan and on the well-being and prosperity of all Your family, including grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all subsequent generations.

If we talk about already formed negative thought forms, which can be contained both in our subtle structures and outside them in the spaces of the Universe, then, in contrast to the already committed actions, which cannot be changed, as well as turn back time, thought forms materialize with a delay in time , and since they are amenable to early disposal, they can all be completely eliminated using advanced exclusive techniques presented in the video course “Releasing from Negativity”, as well as blocking the lion’s share of all new negative thought forms by installing two-sided protection, and this is one of the 4 settings, included in this video course, among other equally powerful practices. In other words, if you work out not only individual karma and karmic nodes at the expense of practices on my YouTube channel, but also with the help of the mentioned 2 video courses to clear the karma of the clan and dispose of all negative thought forms that you have made in your current and past lives, then the total effect will be tremendous , this in the long term will minimize the remaining unresolved problems on the physical plan, and also significantly increase your well-being in your future.